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Most of us have lives outside of studying for the exam.  We have done our time attending classes, so how about a self-paced course to help you pass the BCBA® exam? On your own time, utilize our study strategies and materials at the stride you need. Though studying will fill most of your time, feel free to make your own study schedule with our self-paced course.

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Like you, I studied countless hours per week stressed out over passing the exam. Counting down the days until I would sit for the one exam that I felt impacted my career big time! This was the last thing standing in my way of fulfilling my career goals. I sat for the exam with knots in my stomach and left not knowing how I did. Some people say they felt like it was a piece of cake (not a fan of those guys) and some people felt like they bombed it, and passed. So, it’s okay to feel both ways?

For me, it was a horrible day to find out that I had failed by 24 points. How is this possible? I studied every day for three months and could explain everything on the task list, or so I thought. It was several weeks later that I realized a few things that I needed to work on, fluency being a main component. I tell my students all of the time that failing the first time made me a better BCBA. I am now fluent in the material and can apply any concept to the real world. What was the key for me? The key for me was to study like a first time test taker, bring out the Cooper book, create examples, write my own practice questions, and have a BCBA to talk out the concepts with.

I am here to tell you that I have the materials to share that helped me pass the second time around. The materials are examples, practice questions, visuals, a whiteboard sample, and a study calendar that puts you on a track to your test date. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of study information out there, so I created my own simple study calendar taking it back to the basics, with Cooper readings and visuals. 

All of this being said, quality supervision quickly became my passion. I worked with amazing BCBA’s who trained me to be a successful clinician. What my supervision lacked, was study preperation from the beginning. I have dedicated my career to helping candidates gain quality supervision and pass the test to become stellar clinicians!!!

I would love to help you pass this test once and for all. If any of this intersts you, email me and I’m happy to send you samples or answer any questions you may have.

Katherine Kellogg, M.Ed., BCBA

Katherine Kellogg, M.Ed., BCBA

Founder & Supervisor/Tutor Cert #1-16-24500

Hi! I am Katherine, an instructor and supervisor. I spend my time curating resources and instructional material to help candidates prepare for the BCBA® exam. I started off my ABA journey 10 years ago during my undergraduate studies at UNCG. From there, I ventured to Marcus Autism Center where I received extensive ABA training in the clinical world. I continued my education through Texas A&M where I graduated with my M.Ed., and passed my BCBA® exam the second time around. Most recently, I was the Clinical Director of ABA at Achieve Therapy Clinic in Charlotte, NC. If you’ve read my blog, you can see that failing my first attempt fuelled my fire for creating my own study plan to share with others. I am passionate about making quality supervision available to those all over who may not have access to a supervisor. I enjoy teaching in higher education and I am currently faculty at Purdue University and Texas A&M. If you are in need of study prep or supervision, send us a message!

Camille Morgan, MSC., BCBA

Camille Morgan, MSC., BCBA

Supervisor & Tutor Cert #1-19-40451

Hi, I’m Cammie. I am a school based BCBA/LBA currently working in Honolulu, Hawaii. I attended Western Michigan University for my undergraduate studies before accepting my first “line therapist” job working at an autism clinic under the leadership of Dr. Carl Sundberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D in Indiana. Soon after, life lead me to the sunny Carolinas. There I became an RBT and began my graduate studies at Nova Southeastern University. Immediately after graduating with my Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis, I began the daunting task of studying for the BCBA© board exam. With the help of ReadySetABA, coffee, and wine, I passed my exam on my first attempt, and now am happily a BCBA/LBA. With five years of clinical experience, I decided to see what the school world was all about. I am currently working as a contracted BCBA/LBA through Hawaii Public Schools implementing my clinical experience with my school-based scholars. My passion is supervising RBTs and students using the same behavioral principles that we use with our scholars every day. I love training new RBTs on the principles of ABA and diving deeper in the principles with seasoned therapists and students. I look so forward to joining you on this journey of taking over the world using applied behavior analysis! 

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