Another Test Cycle Has Come & Gone

Another Test Cycle Has Come & Gone

Today, some of you got your results… Whether they are what you wanted, or not, remember we are all in this together. We all want to make a positive influence on individuals lives using ABA. Luckily, most of you can continue to do that either way!

If you didn’t pass, keep practicing. This test is known for being a beast. It may have been 50 points, it may have been 5, either way you know what to study from here. Study like a first time test taker, and take this failed attempt as fuel for the next time. You WILL pass.

If you did pass, congratulations. You are on the other side. You will never have to test again! Now that you are a BCBA, you get to learn the clinical challenges and responsibilities associated with your certificate. Be proud, and support your fellow ABA buds!

Either way, you deserve to relax, unwind and treat yo’ self.

August is Right Around the Corner

August is Right Around the Corner

August is right around the corner, time to start making those study plans!

How are you preparing to study for the August BCBA/BCaBA tests? Are you navigating the overload of info related to the task list? Our comprehensive study plan combines easy to navigate slides with visual charts, examples, practice questions, and Cooper readings throughout.

If you like individualized instruction, this course is perfect for you. I am available by email so I am always glad to answer any study questions you have along the way. Additionally, if you sign up for the Complete Plus course, you get an hour of individualized tutoring. That tutoring hour is a great time to dive into your most challenging topics. I will create an individualized study session including practice questions and examples.

If you’re like me, you like the concepts broken down. We all know Cooper can be a little dry to read through. That is why I find the slides extremely helpful to break down the concepts in a way that makes sense. I am also a visual learner, so the pictures and visual charts are a useful way to filter out the noise.

May: Congrats New BCBAs/BCaBAs!

May: Congrats New BCBAs/BCaBAs!

Congratulations new BCBA’s! You made it through the wilderness. Somehow you know you made it through… (Madonna anyone?)

You did it!!!!

How does it feel to be on the other side? Relieved? You should be, you worked hard to get here! That test is no joke, and you conquered it! Finally, you refresh your page to see “Pass” under your name. Is this real? Did I finally survive alive? Did I receive reinforcement for this independent group contingency? (Let me stop) The point is, you should immediately sign your name with your new credentials after it. You should also order a certificate frame, and update your email signature!! Shout it from the rooftop!


You guys rocked it, and you should be proud. Celebrate with your significant others and family. They deserve an award as well for putting up with you every time you may have lashed out at them for being stressed, or blew them off to study.

Hopefully, the course helped you, but don’t give us all of the credit. Your dedication to the material and analytical skills paid off here today.


Encourage your fellow ABA colleagues and help them study and beat this thing. If you loved the course and feel it helped you in your studies, leave a review! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Best wishes guys!

Results: The May Verdict

Results: The May Verdict

Like you, I spent endless nights drinking too many lattes, reading Cooper, saying no to plans, and giving up fun. I sacrificed freedom to prepare for this test. The long nights, the reading, the memorization, the flash cards, only to take the test and wait… The wait time for results might just be the worst part. Yeah, people say “Well at least you made it through the test!” Is that supposed to make it better? I can’t take this anymore!!!

Frantically refreshing the BACB website, logging in, telling yourself maybe this time it will say the results! Nope, not yet, just a website server error. Refreshing Facebook ABA groups to see if anyone else got results. Finally, BACB posts that results are in! But wait, my account isn’t loading…. Refresh! Refresh! At last, I am in.

Fail??? Is that right???

So you didn’t get the results you wanted. Late night studying and awaiting what felt like forever only to find out you failed. I know the feeling, and you should be upset. Cry about it, indulge, go shopping, go to a brewery, do yoga, whatever helps you cope.

Believe me, you may feel defeated, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You WILL make it through this test with a passing score, and you will become board certified.

Take the night and pour a glass of wine, run a hot bath and be mopey. You are allowed to be upset! Then It is time to get motivated, get a plan, and kick this test’s ass once and for all!

You need to cry it out for tonight only. After tonight, it is time to shake it off, and get focused, because August test cycle is right around the corner.

Final words: this moment too shall pass. You will look back one day, and it will all be worth it!

If At First You Don’t Succeed

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Try try again!

Okay pretty people, it is time to wipe those tears and get to it. Which is why we just introduced our suggested study calendar to our Complete ABA CouseThe calendar combines our complete course with Cooper readings for a comprehensive study plan that will prepare you for the test. Sign up for our Complete ABA Course and download your 30 day and 60 day study calendar today.

One huge benefit to the calendar is it breaks down each task item and corresponds to the Cooper page. This is something I created while I was studying that saved me tons of time flipping through the index of Cooper. A second benefit is this systematic study plan breaks down the overload of information into smaller sections, which is most attainable. Reading through Cooper combined with the course sequence will help you retain and apply concepts.  

Happy Studying!

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