Like you, I spent endless nights drinking too many lattes, reading Cooper, saying no to plans, and giving up fun. I sacrificed freedom to prepare for this test. The long nights, the reading, the memorization, the flash cards, only to take the test and wait… The wait time for results might just be the worst part. Yeah, people say “Well at least you made it through the test!” Is that supposed to make it better? I can’t take this anymore!!!

Frantically refreshing the BACB website, logging in, telling yourself maybe this time it will say the results! Nope, not yet, just a website server error. Refreshing Facebook ABA groups to see if anyone else got results. Finally, BACB posts that results are in! But wait, my account isn’t loading…. Refresh! Refresh! At last, I am in.

Fail??? Is that right???

So you didn’t get the results you wanted. Late night studying and awaiting what felt like forever only to find out you failed. I know the feeling, and you should be upset. Cry about it, indulge, go shopping, go to a brewery, do yoga, whatever helps you cope.

Believe me, you may feel defeated, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You WILL make it through this test with a passing score, and you will become board certified.

Take the night and pour a glass of wine, run a hot bath and be mopey. You are allowed to be upset! Then It is time to get motivated, get a plan, and kick this test’s ass once and for all!

You need to cry it out for tonight only. After tonight, it is time to shake it off, and get focused, because August test cycle is right around the corner.

Final words: this moment too shall pass. You will look back one day, and it will all be worth it!

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