May: Congrats New BCBAs/BCaBAs!

May: Congrats New BCBAs/BCaBAs!

Congratulations new BCBA’s! You made it through the wilderness. Somehow you know you made it through… (Madonna anyone?)

You did it!!!!

How does it feel to be on the other side? Relieved? You should be, you worked hard to get here! That test is no joke, and you conquered it! Finally, you refresh your page to see “Pass” under your name. Is this real? Did I finally survive alive? Did I receive reinforcement for this independent group contingency? (Let me stop) The point is, you should immediately sign your name with your new credentials after it. You should also order a certificate frame, and update your email signature!! Shout it from the rooftop!


You guys rocked it, and you should be proud. Celebrate with your significant others and family. They deserve an award as well for putting up with you every time you may have lashed out at them for being stressed, or blew them off to study.

Hopefully, the course helped you, but don’t give us all of the credit. Your dedication to the material and analytical skills paid off here today.


Encourage your fellow ABA colleagues and help them study and beat this thing. If you loved the course and feel it helped you in your studies, leave a review! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Best wishes guys!

Results: The May Verdict

Results: The May Verdict

Like you, I spent endless nights drinking too many lattes, reading Cooper, saying no to plans, and giving up fun. I sacrificed freedom to prepare for this test. The long nights, the reading, the memorization, the flash cards, only to take the test and wait… The wait time for results might just be the worst part. Yeah, people say “Well at least you made it through the test!” Is that supposed to make it better? I can’t take this anymore!!!

Frantically refreshing the BACB website, logging in, telling yourself maybe this time it will say the results! Nope, not yet, just a website server error. Refreshing Facebook ABA groups to see if anyone else got results. Finally, BACB posts that results are in! But wait, my account isn’t loading…. Refresh! Refresh! At last, I am in.

Fail??? Is that right???

So you didn’t get the results you wanted. Late night studying and awaiting what felt like forever only to find out you failed. I know the feeling, and you should be upset. Cry about it, indulge, go shopping, go to a brewery, do yoga, whatever helps you cope.

Believe me, you may feel defeated, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You WILL make it through this test with a passing score, and you will become board certified.

Take the night and pour a glass of wine, run a hot bath and be mopey. You are allowed to be upset! Then It is time to get motivated, get a plan, and kick this test’s ass once and for all!

You need to cry it out for tonight only. After tonight, it is time to shake it off, and get focused, because August test cycle is right around the corner.

Final words: this moment too shall pass. You will look back one day, and it will all be worth it!

If At First You Don’t Succeed

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Try try again!

Okay pretty people, it is time to wipe those tears and get to it. Which is why we just introduced our suggested study calendar to our Complete ABA CouseThe calendar combines our complete course with Cooper readings for a comprehensive study plan that will prepare you for the test. Sign up for our Complete ABA Course and download your 30 day and 60 day study calendar today.

One huge benefit to the calendar is it breaks down each task item and corresponds to the Cooper page. This is something I created while I was studying that saved me tons of time flipping through the index of Cooper. A second benefit is this systematic study plan breaks down the overload of information into smaller sections, which is most attainable. Reading through Cooper combined with the course sequence will help you retain and apply concepts.  

Happy Studying!

The Results…

The Results…

Result days are some of the best and worst days. There is always that friend you know who you hope passed, then when it is your turn, you wish them well and secretly pray and hope you make it to the “other side.” Well folks, results are in. You are either celebrating a triumphant victory over pizza and champagne, or you are curled up in a tiny ball in your snuggie asking yourself, “why” as you sip on a glass of red wine and binge watch your favorite episode of Friends.

The best way to depict these two polar opposite emotions:


Those of you who did not get the results you wanted, you are probably confused and asking yourself, “How could I possibly study any more than I already have?” I have been there! If you are like me, you are frantically googling the past test probabilities, or thinking to yourself, “if I keep reading ABA study group responses, I will find the key to passing next time.”

I am here to tell you, it is not as simple as a google search.

I am here to tell you, that if you want to pass, you must change your study approach.

I am here to tell you, that you must set consistent, realistic goals this time around.

I am here to tell you, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Let me tell you a little trick, formulate a study plan and stick to it. You can check out the pre-made study plans on the website, 30 day or 60 day study calendars. You know when you see those adds, “Lose 10 pounds in 30 days by drinking this magic potion created by unicorns?” It is unrealistic! There is simply no quick fix to losing weight, you simply need to eat healthy, and work out. Yes, I am comparing preparing for the exam to working out, but it is the same principle! Like anything worth getting in life, you must put in the time and the effort.  Knowing the definitions is only 50% of the knowledge. You must not only know the definitions, but you must know the disadvantages, advantages, purposes, applications, and limitations to all of the terms. Know the “whys, the whens and the hows” and you will find yourself understanding the ABA web. Just like working out, if you set yourself an attainable goal, you will succeed.

Once you realize ABA is a giant web, and you have to connect the dots, studying becomes a lot easier. Practice discussing terms with your fellow colleagues, or supervisors to help become familiar and fluent with the terminology. Applying concepts to real life examples is key to ultimate fluency!!


The Launch 🚀 – Introducing Our BCBA® / BCaBA® Study Prep Course

The Launch 🚀 – Introducing Our BCBA® / BCaBA® Study Prep Course

We are excited to announce the launch of ReadySetABA comprehensive study prep course

Studying can be overwhelming, trust me- I’ve been there! I only wish there was something like this program to prepare me when I studied. So I decided to create a simple, yet detailed course to give you a self-paced guidance to make time for your already busy schedule.

Like you, the test cycle snuck up on me. All of a sudden, someone asked me “When are you taking your boards?” I thought…then realized it was 8 weeks away, “Two months.” “Good luck! That is soon!” Soon… I thought, yes that is right around the corner. I realized there was no time to waste- I had to make a study plan for myself, not having any idea of where to start. “This can’t be that hard, I mean I already completed the ABA course sequence, navigated supervision, and graduated, right?” Staring at the task list, I realized there are 115 tasks, each consisting of little components here and there. YIKES. I was overwhelmed and needed guidance.

I signed up for a few study tools but found it hard to fit it into my busy schedule and the overload of information that was thrown at me made me nervous. I felt like I needed a simpler strategy that wasn’t so daunting.

After failing the first time, I took a different approach to my studying this time around. Instead of focusing on how all of the terms competed with each other, I tried to find their similarities. It was at this time, that I discovered an ABA web that connected all of these terms together! Like a light switch, everything connected and made sense. I navigated the materials on my own using Cooper and another book called Path to Passing the ABA exam. Condensing the materials, and coming up with goofy ways to remember these complex concepts was my key to success. I also created a detailed whiteboard to help with last-minute review and the day of the test.

I passed the second time, and decided to share my materials with everyone so they can have the same success!

Ready Set ABA’s Complete course provides a focused plan for studying that you can complete at your own pace. Be prepared for quirky examples, explanations for all sections A-FK, and practice questions that get you ready for the big test day. In the future, we will continue to add features including one-on-one tutoring, flashcards, study calendars, more practice questions and full-length practice tests.

Sign up by 3/11/2018 to receive 25% off The Complete ABA Course using code LAUNCH25!

Let us help you on the road to passing!

New Year Update!

New Year Update!

The New Year is here and we are starting it off strong by knocking out some more content!  We are excited to keep, keepin’ on and working to put together a great course! We will be launching in phases so be on the lookout! We will post updates here and on our social media pages as we get closer to release. Keep an eye out!


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Welcome to ReadySetABA, a study prep course to help you pass the BCBA® exam. The countdown is on and we are working hard on curating great content and resources to get the course the best it can be. Our goal is not just to help you pass the exam, but to make you a great BCBA!

Keep an eye out for updates and more details on when we lauch. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Team ReadySetABA

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